Midwest UAV Imaging
  • Insurance

    Insurance inspections using drones has become routine for Midwest UAV Imaging. Our insurance division has grown from one inspection a month to one inspection day.  

    Midwest UAV Imaging's Insurance Division is the preferred drone inspection company for several national organizations and insurance companies.

    When the highest levels of skill, experience and equipment are needed, Forensic Engineers call on Midwest UAV Imaging.  Midwest UAV Imaging's insurance division is the preferred choice when Forensic Engineers need aerial data collection.      

    Our solution is low cost, rapid deployment  with results on your desk in 24 hours.


    Our drones provide adjusters with highly accurate data, which frees their time up resulting in faster claims.  

    Underwriting and Risk Management

    Data collection for underwriting helps agents make a more informed decision based on the actual current status of anything they are insuring.  

    Loss Claims

    Documentation and assessments after catastrophic events has saved thousands of hours allowing adjusters to utilize their time on more important things.