April 9, 2016



The thing I hear the most from a bride that has already gotten married is,  “wow, I wish I would have had you drone our wedding!”

As a pioneer in the commercial drone industry we strive to offer the very best drone services for wedding. We take pride in producing the best images and videos possible, so that special day can be remembered for many, many years.  We don’t replace the standard wedding photographer or videographer, rather, we assist them with collecting all the great moments of that special day.

Photographers are often busy capturing the “staple wedding photos,” when in fact there are things that are happening that don’t make it on their cameras.  As flight experts, we are able to supplement and include footage telling a complete story of the days events.  Our crystal clear images can be taken at any angle or breathtaking 1080P to 4k video, to relive those moments as though it is that day again.



R & H WEDDING 2015 from Midwest UAV Imaging on Vimeo.



Its your special day, make it perfect!  Midwest UAV Imaging are the aerial wedding experts for that job!



Wedding packages include either 3 or 6 hours of shadowing the bride and groom and taking aerial photos/videos. (location permitted).    I will shadow with either 1 or 2 drones from wedding prep to reception, as requested.    I generally follow along in my own vehicle, due to equipment, and will travel to pre reception stops as necessary.

I will try to accommodate all requests to the best of my ability.  In the event of poor weather, rain or high wind, drones will not be able to take flight.  Refunds will be given in that case.   Deposit of $150.00 due at booking in order to save specific date and time.  That will go toward total cost when completed.

3 HR   =  $499.00

–  1 drone

–  Produced Video Reel 1-1.5 min

–  All Raw Aerial Photos in Online Album

– 360 photo  (qty 10)


5 HR    = $599.00

– 2 drones

– Produced Short Video 1.5 + min

–  All Raw Aerial Photos in Online Album

–  All Raw Video Clips

– choice = 360 photos or video through out the day