December 20, 2016


Hiring Midwest UAV Imaging’s Inspection Professionals and our drones have saved companies countless man hours and imaginable amounts of money.

How, one may ask?

  1. Reducing the amount of personnel in the field
  2. Reducing the resources it would typically take
  3. Collecting the data much quicker and safer

Example 1)  It takes 3 hours to inspect 2 chimney’s on a building 2 or 3 stories up on a very steep roof, which is extremely dangerous due to the pitch of the roof and costly because of the man power and climbing equipment needed.    Simple Solution)  Hire Midwest UAV Imaging, deploy our drones, collect all the images of the target area and review them from the comfort of your desk.   Our High Resolution Images can be viewed on any computer screen or 80″ high def flat screen, as many times as necessary with the option of being able to zoom in to view the target area much closer.

Example 2)  Transmission Line Inspections take hours upon hours to complete, costing thousands of thousands of dollars.   Whether inspecting pole or line deterioration, every inspection takes a lot of time, man hours, and money.   Simple Solution)  Hire Midwest UAV Imaging, deploy our drones giving our clients the option to view live streaming so our clients can sit at their own desk, hundreds of miles away to assess any situation.  Additionally all data is stored on an onboard sd card for later data analyzing.


Inspection Types:

  • SILO
  • ROOF